My Bouquet

My bouquet
Whats between the two of us
Started long ago
And here we are again to night
Here for one more song
If i sang for you all night
Would you let me know
Sing to you in my own way
And the musics goning to be my bouquet
Music made for loving hearts
Music made for smiles
Each to play its loving part each to stay awhile
Feels so good to have you back
Here where we belong
And if i had a flower to give
I would give to you in song
Let me sing now
Can i sing now
Can i bring you love to…….
Yeh i wish i had a flower to give
To each and every heart
Something that would always live
When ever where apart
Something i could leave you
Never going to fade
Musics all i have to give
Songs are going to be my bouqeut
Can i sing to you
Can i sing to you
Can i bring you
Just for you

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